Pam Selle is a 'Top JavaScript Dev to Follow' - Philly


Dec. 29, 2015 9:46 am

Pam Selle is a ‘Top JavaScript Dev to Follow’

Celeb status for the Comcast developer and LibertyJS organizer.

Pam Selle speaks at the inaugural Software as Craft meetup, Summer 2014.

(Photo by Mike Fox)

Pam Selle, the Comcast developer and LibertyJS conference organizer, among other things, has made another list of technologists to follow on Twitter.

This time it’s bitHound’s annual list of JavaScript developers to follow, which features developers from cities like San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Munich, Germany.

“Her blog, The Webivore, provides some great real-world examples to help developers on a variety of fronts and she has worked hard organizing Philadelphia’s largest JavaScript user group,” the post reads.

See the list

The latest in Selle’s world: she made a (pretty stellar) case for abolishing the term “junior developer” and was featured on the first episode of live podcast JavaScript Air.

Juliana Reyes

Juliana Reyes became's associate editor after reporting on the Philadelphia tech scene for four years. She's co-president of the Asian American Journalists Association Philadelphia chapter and a two-time Philadelphia News Award winner for "Community Reporting of the Year." The Bryn Mawr College grad lives in West Philly, likes her food spicy and wears jumpsuits often.

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  • Should be noted that she made #8 on the list of 20. Great post!


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