Arcweb's Chris Cera is the Chamber's 'Small Business Person of the Year' - Philly


Aug. 3, 2015 12:58 pm

Arcweb’s Chris Cera is the Chamber’s ‘Small Business Person of the Year’

BuLogics, the University City Science Center and Hopeworks 'N Camden were among the other tech winners.

Chris Cera at a 2011 Philly Startup Leaders event.

(Photo by Flickr user Philly Startup Leaders, used under a Creative Commons license)

Chris Cera won Small Business Person of the Year as part of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Excellence Awards.

The Arcweb CEO is the fourth Philly tech leader who’s won the award in as many years. (It’s interesting to see how, starting in 2010, Small Business Person of the Year has consistently been a tech entrepreneur. It’s a sign of the tech scene’s prominence in the last few years.)

Past winners include Artisan’s Bob MoulSEER Interactive’s Wil Reynolds and Bluecadet’s Josh Goldblum. The tech pattern is likely also due in part to the fact that the Chamber asks previous winners to nominate potential future award winners.

There were three other tech wins this year:

Juliana Reyes

Juliana Reyes became's editorial product lead after reporting on the Philadelphia tech scene for four years. She's co-president of the Asian American Journalists Association Philadelphia chapter and a two-time Philadelphia News Award winner for "Community Reporting of the Year." The Bryn Mawr College grad lives in West Philly, likes her food spicy and wears jumpsuits often.

  • Maria Cipollone

    All men.

    • Juliana Reyes

      Good point, Maria, I noticed that too. Since 2007, only two women have won Small Business Person of the Year but since the award has been on a tech sprint it’s been all men. Wonder if the past winner referral/nomination thing has something to do with that.

      • Maria Cipollone

        Thanks Juliana. Let me add a couple of caveats:

        (1) Congrats Chris Cera! He’s a childhood friend, and I don’t want my comment to be a comment on his incredible work. I believe in small businesses! (though I don’t currently work for one by any stretch)

        (2) It’s a little difficult to (a) find a woman in tech and (b) find a lot of tech in Philly (though we’re growing!)

        (3) Need some women to nominate for next year? Here’s a good one (of many):

        • Small Biz Philly

          Maria, what can we do to get more women in tech and have them have a more mainstream acceptance?

          • Maria Cipollone

            I’m so happy you ask, but I’m afraid it’s such a multi-pronged issue; dealing with schools; organizational cultures; even our approach to what we think tech should do for people. Here’s the simplest answer– do what you’re doing; keep being aware of the problem; keep seeking out women and people of non-white origins to support. There are many small businesses (some in tech) that are fighting their way through. I believe it won’t always be a problem.

          • Maria Cipollone

            One last thing– as a woman in “tech”; who recently returned from a gig in the motherland of tech, I find that the hardest thing about start-up culture was the lack of support for woman who want to be mothers. The organizations expectations were geared toward an entitled; younger; male class. I’m at the deciding point now, and luckily I work for a company where motherhood is not career suicide.

          • Small Biz Philly


            Would you like Small Biz Philly to run a story about your perspective on getting more women involved in the tech scene and how we can open more doors for them as a community?

          • Maria Cipollone

            If it can grow opportunities; sure! Thanks.


          • Small Biz Philly

            Just sent an email


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