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Oct. 9, 2009 8:30 am

Links: Penn graduate wins Nobel Prize, LTL Prints goes for Top 40 and More

The Inquirer reports that a University of Pennsylvania graduate and pioneer in the technology that made digital cameras first possible will share a Nobel Prize for Physics. The Inqy also has a story on how the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia is trying to save beaucoup bucks by implementing more energy-efficient lighting. Philly Tech News […]

After the jump, someone from Camden posts on Tech Crunch, a catchy jingle from Old City and other tech stories of the week, included our best read piece of the week.



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  • A few people have asked about the guy who’s in the Jingle video so I thought I would take a moment to clarify.

    We saw him on TechCrunch after he won the “Bing (goes the internet)” jingle contest by Microsoft.
    We contacted him and this is the result.

    Thanks TechnicallyPhilly. Keep rocking it!



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