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Ladies Get Paid is hosting an event to help you boss up and get the wage you deserve

The local chapter of the women's group is hosting its kickoff event Thursday, April 6. Don't miss this chance to talk about beating the gender wage gap.

Claire Wasserman takes the mic at a Ladies Get Paid event. (Photo by Cassandra Klos/Ladies Get Paid)
Umpteen years later and gender inequality is still preventing women from having a seat at the table and getting paid what they deserve. It’s the daunting reality that inspired Claire Wasserman to take action and start Ladies Get Paid.

“Women are over half this world’s population yet it will take until 2195 for us to reach parity with men in leadership roles in our country. This enrages me,” Wasserman said. “We simply cannot accept that women have such little say in the powerful decisions that affect all of our lives. My mission is to rally women to recognize their value, band together, and advocate for themselves.”

Ladies Get Paid is an international career development organization working to close the age and female leadership gap through education and community. By hosting town halls, workshops and webinars, women are provided a safe space to share their challenges and learn the skills needed to overcome them and advance.

“It wasn’t so much the egregious injustice that spurred me to take action but rather the fact that I hadn’t previously been aware. I always thought it was 78 cents to the dollar — but no, that’s only if you’re a white woman,” she said. “I was so humbled and angered, I started doing more research and went down the rabbit hole, emerging out the other side with Ladies Get Paid.”

Since its launch in the summer of 2016, Ladies Get Paid has racked up over 4,000 global members across 45 states and 43 countries and has hosted 20 town halls to date.

Ladies Get Paid will be in Washington for the first time on April 6 at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue. The town hall will focus on the topic of women and money, and will feature the following speakers:


Ladies, it’s time to get paid.

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(Photo by Miranda Morgan/Ladies Get Paid)


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