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How Bamboowifi keeps its network secure

The Bamboowifi panda has a neighborly sit-down with cofounder James Gregory.

(Courtesy photo)

How secure is Bamboowifi’s network?

  • Bamboowifi uses Cisco’s Meraki access points, which come equipped with Air Marshal. So hackers who might be trying to access a someone else’s device on the Bamboowifi network will be stopped. “The Air Marshal is such a strong security measure,” Platt said.
  • As for preventing any illegal behavior while on the Bamboowifi network: Platt said a disclaimer for network users to check off is forthcoming. But MAC addresses are recorded when people log onto the network, meaning that Platt and Gregory have, at the least, an identification for each device should someone choose to start a DVD pirating service on Bamboowifi’s connection.
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