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Nov. 21, 2017 12:51 pm

House Industries’ hand-lettering workshop teaches sought-after skill

Hand lettering is hot in the design world. This workshop will help you become a master.

Look at that hand-lettering.

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In the age of digital everything, hand-lettering may seem like a lost art. And it’s true, few graphic designers are masters of hand-lettering — which is why it’s become a highly valued skill.

Ken Barber, Chief Lettering Officer with House Industries in Yorklyn, is considered one of the top hand-lettering designers anywhere. He’s leading a full-day workshop, “Lettering for Design,” on Friday, Dec. 8. This is an opportunity for local designers and aspiring designers to learn or improve on a skill that can truly set a graphic designer apart.

Why is hand-lettering still relevant?

“Hand-lettering lends warmth and familiarity to advertising and marketing, allowing companies to connect with their audience in a highly personal and engaging way,” Barber said. “Custom-drawn headlines and logos have a distinct advantage over ordinary fonts because they can be tailored to suit specific applications.”

It’s a skill that’s becoming more popular with design clients, and the demand for hand lettering is growing.

“Not only does the practice help to hone practical design know-how,” said Barber, “Hand-lettering allows ad agencies, graphic designers and freelancers to expand their skill set by adding a unique service to offer clients.”

In the workshop participants will:

  • Explore the creative process of hand-lettering and its application in contemporary visual communication
  • Create their own hand-drawn wordmarks by referring to familiar typographic models and helpful specimens
  • Experience comprehensive slide presentations, informative drawing demonstrations, skill-building exercises, professional case studies and one-on-one critiques

House Industries is making this workshop available to a very limited number of people for $450 per person, including materials, lunch and a House goodie tote.

It will take place from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Dec. 8 at House Industries HQ, 1151 Yorklyn Road (if you’ve been to Dew Point Brewing, it’s right down the street).

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