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Model B has a new president heading its AI-based digital advertising efforts

With new president Todd Silverstein, Leesburg, Virginia-based digital agency Model B is looking to grow its team and predictive AI technology, called Blueprint. We talked to Silverstein about the "fun challenge" of running a company.

Todd Silverstein is president at Model B.

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Leesburg, Virgina-based digital advertising company Model B has appointed Todd Silverstein as its new president, the company is announcing Tuesday.

Most recently the chief marketing officer at Atlanta-based Sagepath, Silverstein is no stranger to the digital marketing space, having previously held C-suite and managerial positions at Edelman and Drum Agency. In this new position, he told that he’ll be overseeing the company’s use of predictive AI in digital advertising. He plans to grow Model B’s team 25% immediately, and will likely add more positions later in the coming months. He also hopes to at least double the company’s revenue by the end of the year.

“This is the first time I’ve been enabled to run a company, which is really exciting to have control over just how we go to market and how we service clients,” Silverstein said. “But also all the nuances of hiring, talent development, marketing, sales operations — all of that has just been a really fun challenge.” 

Silverstein, who started at the company in April, said he was excited to take the wheel at Model B because of its technology approach to the problem of comparing results between internet giants like Google and Amazon.

“One of the major issues with the industry is Google, Facebook, Amazon, all of these marketing platforms literally invest money, time and effort into making sure that their products don’t speak to any other products,” Silverstein said. “So it’s really confusing for marketers to try to understand: ‘Did this thing I do on Google, did that translate to Facebook? Will that translate to Amazon? How are the audiences similar or different?'”

His appointment comes as the company is planning to relaunch its AI-based technology, called Blueprint, in June. Model B’s Blueprint software, Silverstein said, translates digital advertising data so it is clean and similar, allowing brand marketers to understand what’s happening across the entire digital ecosystem instead of just one site. They can then use that data to make future business decisions.


“[The technology] will empower the end-user — the marketer themselves — to be able to plan, buy and analyze media without having to outsource to an agency or hire a protracted, elaborate, bloated amount of people to have to manage that,” Silverstein said. “It’s very streamlined.”

Model B’s software also includes predictive technology. Silverstein said it enables customers to see expected results following increased or decreased spending on certain sites or testing ad types on various audiences. At present, he said the firm has worked with many ecommerce companies, but he thinks the technology would work well for both large companies and startups in other industries.

Silverstein said that Model B has already seen more success since January than it did in all of 2020, and he expects things to continue on the up-and-up going forward.

“We’ve already booked more this year than we did the entire previous year, so there’s absolutely nothing impeding growth as it were,” Silverstein said. “The only question is how aggressively we want to set the expectations forward.”


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