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Jan. 17, 2020 11:26 am

Virginia-based Cofense debuted its phishing defense podcast

The cybersecurity startup is producing a podcast called "Phish Fryday" that will provide weekly insights about cybersecurity trends, threats and news.
#dctech is podcasting.

#dctech is podcasting.

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Leesburg, Virginia-based cybersecurity startup Cofense debuted a phishing defense podcast this month.

The company provides phishing defense services to businesses to protect their data and reputations. The new podcast, coined “Phish Fryday,” will provide weekly insights about cybersecurity trends, threats and news. Listeners can expect to hear from experts and threat researchers across Cofense’s security intelligence groups.

“Our unique view of the cyber-threat landscape allows us to provide valuable and timely insights into active phishing threats that consistently bypass email gateways,” said Cofense CEO Rohyt Belani in a statement. “We’re thrilled to further extend and share our expertise through Phish Fryday as we strive to unite humanity against phishing.”

The company will pull its expertise from its Cofense Labs, Cofense Intelligence and the Cofense Phishing Defense Center sectors to share phishing insights. Cofense Labs, the company’s research and development arm, is behind the discovery of a “for rent” botnet that was primarily used to send sextortion emails last summer. To exploit the scam, Cofense published a database of over 200 million email accounts targeted by the botnet.


And that’s just the type of topic you can expect to learn more about on the “Phish Fryday” podcast.

Listen here

Here’s the episode lineup for the podcast’s inaugural season, with descriptions via a press release:

  • Episode 1: Cofense Labs’ Jason Meurer discusses Emotet’s recent evolutions, including modifications to its URI structure, new templates used and new information targeted by the botnet.
  • Episode 2: As tensions escalate between the U.S. and Iran, Mollie MacDougall of Cofense Labs, an expert on cyber and international security, explains Iran’s cyber capabilities and its history of cyberattacks.
  • Episode 3: Alan Rainer from Cofense Intelligence discusses how attackers are using trusted cloud services to evade security technologies and compromise corporate networks.
  • Episode 4: URL scanning services, widely used by security professionals in their malware and phishing analysis, are increasingly less helpful. Chris Hall, Cofense security consultant, shares how attackers are adapting their techniques to spoof URLs, rendering scanning services less helpful.

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