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Founded in 2015

About LeagueSide

LeagueSide helps youth sports leagues get sponsorship from regional and national brands. We are building an adtech platform that makes sponsoring youth sports leagues as easy as creating a Facebook ad campaign.


Sponsoring youth sports leagues is an extremely effective form of marketing. However, this type of grassroots marketing is difficult to scale because working with volunteers on a league-by-league basis is time consuming and expensive.


Enter LeagueSide! We’ve built a network of over 3,000 leagues and helped companies including McDonald’s, Smoothie King, Applebee’s, and Jet’s Pizza sponsor youth sports leagues.


We’re not only helping regional and national brands achieve their marketing goals, but we’re also enabling more kids to play sports. The cost of youth sports is rising exponentially and every sponsorship dollar we bring in helps to lower the cost of equipment, registration fees, and travel for families.


Our culture

If you’ve ever played on a sports team, you understand how your team is your family. We love goofing around and having fun in the locker room, but are also focused and train hard to ensure we win.


We like diving for loose balls, out-hustling our opponents, and doing the little things to win. We’re underdogs and scrappy as hell… and we like that.


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