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Phew, all mayoral candidates have websites and Twitter accounts now [Links Roundup]

Plus: The latest from crowdfunded makerspaces at two public schools.

State Senator Anthony Hardy Williams is hosting an event for small businesses to learn how to use mobile apps to be more efficient. Photo from the Daily News.


Lynne Abraham & Tony Williams Both Thought It Was OK To Launch Campaigns Without Websites, Social Media And Platforms [Philebrity]: Shortly thereafter updated as such: “Well, will wonders never cease: Say hi to the brand spankin’ new @LynneForMayor and@JoinTeamTony, each with websites to match.”

Uber embroiled in PR mess: Will investors still support it? [Philadelphia Business Journal]: No comment (yet) from Uber investor Josh Kopelman.

Visualizing Philadelphia’s Neighborhood Change Process [PennIUR]: “The same investors who once abandoned Philadelphia are now clamoring to get back in – and although new investment marks a reversal of fortunes for the City, it appears only a handful of neighborhoods have attracted this newfound attention.”

On former steel mill site, a new data center emerges [Philadelphia Business Journal]: “A historic steel mill motor room turned data center in Bucks County is looking to take advantage of what Philadelphia has to offer. It wants to cater to the eds, meds and growing technology scene — the businesses that are increasingly in need of extreme power durability, security and capacity.”

An Update on Philadelphia Schools Makerspaces Funded by Crowdfunding [Generocity]: The latest from the makerspaces at Chester A. Arthur and the Academy at Palumbo. See our story on makerspaces at schools here.

Companies: Academy at Palumbo
People: Lynne Abraham / Anthony H. Williams

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