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Anne Arundel County to expand fiber in schools

A total of 52 more schools will be wired to access the 10-gigabit speeds.

Can Baltimore get better broadband access? (Photo by Flickr user Arild Nybø, used under a Creative Commons license)

Anne Arundel County is set to grow its fiber-optic network to reach more than four dozen more schools.
“Technology is essential in order for our students to compete,” Anne Arundel County Executive Steve Schuh said in a statement. “We provided $3.4 million in the budget that will mean every school in Anne Arundel County has the absolute best internet access tools for students to succeed.”
The funding will be used to wire 52 buildings in the Anne Arundel County Public Schools system which currently do not have fiber internet, according to a statement from Schuh’s office. That means each school in the County will have access to the high-speed network, which provides 10-gigabit connection speeds.
Anne Arundel County made money for the project available through a capital funding program called JumpStart Anne Arundel, which utilizes a 30-year bond financing option.


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