Watch musicians live-code music at Algorave - Brooklyn


Jan. 10, 2018 11:37 am

Watch musicians live-code music at Algorave

Performers at Algorave code visuals and music in real time, explained Kate Sichhio. Head to Bushwick Thursday night to see it in person.

A glimpse at November's Algorave.

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So this looks interesting. For fans of programming and music, performers at Algorave will be combining the two in live performances Thursday night in Bushwick.

“Our Algoraves involve coders making dance music and visuals while projecting their code for the audience to follow along. And sometimes people dance along too,” Algorave organizer Kate Sicchio, of the programming collective, explained in an email Tuesday. (Sicchio will also be performing at Algorave.)

Algorave is not specific to or even to Brooklyn, it’s a party that happens all over the world. December found Algoraves happening in Tokyo, Mexico City and Sheffield, U.K.

“We try and put on one of these shows every month, and they feature live coded music and visuals, with performers writing code live on stage,” Ramsey Nasser, also a member of and also slated to perform, explained in an email. “It’s a lot of fun!”

Thursday’s Algorave will be at the venue Secret Project Robot at 1186 Broadway, in Bushwick. Tickets are $10.



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