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Jul. 14, 2017 12:53 pm

‘PeopleWay’ plan for car-free Grand Street gaining support

Business owners sign on to the idea to make room for bike lanes and walkers. Car owners? Not so much.

View from the Williamsburg Bridge.

(Photo by Tyler Woods)

In trying to figure out how to deal with the impending L train shutdown, Brooklyn residents are throwing out some creative ideas. One of them is to close Grand Street to some or all cars, creating a “PeopleWay,” and businesses in the area are signing on to the idea.

“Beyond helping displaced riders get around during the L train shutdown, many local businesses said they thought the PeopleWay could be a boon to business on the block, drawing folks to the area to use the bus routes or simply by encouraging foot traffic on the block,” writes Gwynne Hogan this morning in DNAinfo.

Transit to and from Manhattan is going to have to be augmented somehow, and the Williamsburg Bridge, already a logjam of cars and trucks, is unlikely to offer much of an outlet.

But bikes might. The bike lane across the bridge always has bikes on it but is never congested and could offer residents by the bridge an alternative to a circuitous subway journey or a stagnant car or bus ride.

Businesses are on board because they think a mostly closed street will increase foot traffic and become a destination for leisure. Car owners are… not thrilled.

Check out the whole story on DNAinfo, it’s worth a read.

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