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Jun. 30, 2017 12:53 pm

Eyebeam director Roddy Schrock curated this Chelsea Manning art show

It features 3D-printed portraits of Manning derived from DNA samples she mailed out during her incarceration.
3D Chelsea Mannings.

3D Chelsea Mannings.

(Courtesy image)

A fascinating-sounding art show is scheduled to open Aug. 2 at the Greenwich Village’s Fridman Gallery.

It’s called A Becoming Resemblance, and features the work of artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg and her correspondence with Chelsea Manning during Manning’s incarceration for her role in the leaking of state secrets to Wikileaks.

From the event listing:

In 2015, Heather began to produce 3D printed portraits derived from the DNA extracted from cheek swabs and hair clippings Chelsea mailed out of prison. Incarcerated since her gender transition and subject to a strict policy on visitation, Chelsea’s image was suppressed from 2013 until her release from prison in May this year. The artistic collaboration with Heather gave Chelsea back a form of visibility, a human face she had been denied.

The exhibit will be curated by Eyebeam director Roddy Schrock and feature 30 3D-printed portraits of possible Chelseas, constructed from Manning’s DNA.

The Industry City-based Eyebeam is a Brooklyn institution of contemporary and tech-related art.

The show will run Aug. 2–Sept. 5.

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