Brooklyn's Pensa gives the blood glucose monitor a sharp-looking makeover - Brooklyn


Apr. 19, 2017 12:59 pm

Brooklyn’s Pensa gives the blood glucose monitor a sharp-looking makeover

A fact of life for people with diabetes has just gotten a lot prettier.

The One Drop meter, designed by Pensa.

(Courtesy photo)

There are numerous small indignities in the life of a diabetic, but now an ugly blood glucose meter doesn’t have to be one of them.

Brooklyn design firm Pensa teamed up with One Drop, a company that raised money for the new meters on IndieGogo. One Drop raised more than $50,000 on the platform, promising a product that can read blood sugar and links to an iPhone app to log readings via Bluetooth.

“One Drop overhauls the design of traditional glucose meters to address the emotional component of being dependent on a medical device, providing a beautiful, modern design that can be used with pride,” according to Pensa.

The product is sleek and shiny, and looks like what a Manhattan professional would have as a belonging. Until now, blood glucose meters have looked more like a mid-’90s Tamagotchis.

Pensa was recently included in our list of 10 Brooklyn design firms you should know, and here’s a great reason why.

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