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Jan. 19, 2017 9:23 am

A shout of protest from the other side of the gig economy

“We’re letting our lives be dictated by brogrammers who want to breastfeed forever,” says Matt Ruby.
From Uber’s promotional video, “Get Your Side Hustle On.”

From Uber's promotional video, "Get Your Side Hustle On."

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Matt Ruby is not happy with the state of things. The Brooklyn-based comedian penned an entertaining protest against the “sharing” economy*, Uber, Seamless, and all the rest of them in a new piece that’s gone viral on Medium.

An excerpt:

And speaking of Seamless: Ugh, how I hate those revolting Seamless ads on the subway. The ones where they mock people who cook and sum up New Yorkers by saying:
You should only cook when you’re dead or living in the suburbs
and you hate seeing other people
and you know your delivery person’s name but not your neighbors
and your friends in the midwest have photos of their kids but you have photos of your dinner
and you use your oven for storage
and you have strong biceps because your work bag is so heavy
and you have someone subletting your kitchen…

The piece is entirely in italics and not exactly proofread, but for any of those with similar sentiments, it will hit home in an honest way.

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*Editor’s note: Technical.ly’s style guide has long held that this is a devious euphemism. We call it the “on-demand economy.” See our past coverage here.

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