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Jan. 19, 2017 11:27 am

Councilmatic’s latest update will help you care about local politics

A good substitute for paging through the Post at the bodega in the morning.

Subscribing to NYC Councilmatic.


One of the great civic tech sites on the web will now let you pick and choose councilmen, legislation and even topics you’re interested in and send you a daily newsletter of what happened in City Council regarding each.

It’s called NYC Councilmatic and it’s the work of Bushwick’s David Moore (and Philadelphia civic hackers before him).

“Every morning, you’ll receive an email notification with automatic links to official NYC Council actions — stay informed with a daily push, instead of needing to visit the website and actively search,” Moore writes in a post on Medium.

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We just signed up for news on any bills tagged “technology” or containing the word “innovation.” We look forward to using this tool to do better reporting on the political side of Brooklyn’s tech world. We would also like to know if the site’s name is a play on the Brooklyn classic, Illmatic.

Tyler Woods

Tyler Woods is the lead reporter for Brooklyn. He has previously worked in television and as a small town print reporter. He’ll answer if you email him.


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