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Jun. 3, 2016 8:08 am

Made in NY Media Center explores ‘blurring’ line between human and machine

The “Human Meets Technology” art exhibition runs until the end of the month.

An event at the Made in NY Media Center.

(Courtesy photo)

In a world where it took me several minutes to write this sentence because I had to check my phone twice, it’s worth exploring how technology is impacting what we know as humanity and, if you will, the human condition.

So to that end, head on down to the Made in NY Media Center for a new exhibition, Human Meets Technology. The event is free and open to the public and runs until June 30.

“Following a public call for entries, the best photographs from around the world have been selected and installed in our gallery,” the event listing reads. “But while these images elucidate a global society in which we are all more digitally interconnected than ever before, they also demonstrate a personal, physical loneliness, an incidental isolation that has become a necessary side effect when dedicating so much time to digital connectedness.”

Not 100 percent sure what that means, tbh. But not to hate, this should be good and thought-provoking stuff.

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