Brooklyn's top VC says it's OK to be a human while being a founder - Brooklyn


Jan. 11, 2016 1:27 pm

Brooklyn’s top VC says it’s OK to be a human while being a founder

Charlie O'Donnell offers sevens tips for staying real in the face of startup challenges.

Brooklyn Bridge Ventures' Charlie O'Donnell shares some of his knowledge at #notapitch, Sept. 24, 2015.

(Photo by Tyler Woods)

Being the foremost venture capitalist in Brooklyn and having 15 years in game gives Charlie O’Donnell a lot of experience. And now he’s offering a bit of wisdom for startuppers: it’s OK to be down.

“Much has been made about the mental and emotional health of founders—about how the idea that everyone’s company is always killing it 100% of the time is complete bullshit and how sometimes, even in the best companies, things really suck,” O’Donnell writes.

He came up with seven points he thinks are important:

  • It’s OK to be down
  • Be specific
  • Spend time with other founders
  • Never use stress as an excuse to treat others poorly
  • Strengthen relationships by making sure they’re a two-way street
  • Plan
  • Know when to fold ’em

We’ve written previously about the difficulties of juggling a startup and a family life in the past, from the founder’s point of view. Via O’Donnell, it’s interesting to see it also from an investor’s.

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