How Brooklyn Fiber beat competitors on price for gigabit broadband [Startup Roundup] - Brooklyn


Feb. 25, 2015 2:27 pm

How Brooklyn Fiber beat competitors on price for gigabit broadband [Startup Roundup]

Plus: Local game devs let you watch them code live (or later, on YouTube).

A utility pole.

(Photo by Flickr user Jason Yung, used under a Creative Commons license)

Who’s making moves?

Good Eggs just announced that it is now a certified B Corporation. We covered this pretty extensively when Kickstarter made the same announcement. We can tell you that the local food delivery company scored 85 out of 200. As to what that means? That gets harder to say.

Brooklyn Gamery has started running live Hangouts On Air while doing code sprints on its game Prism Shell. Anyone considering a career in game making should watch this indie team joke around and work as they put the finishing touches on their mobile game of giant laser blasting. Here’s the first video, but they’ve posted two so far.

Just as Solidoodle reaches the scale to begin using injection molding, which was a whole new phase for the 3D printing company, it ran afoul of the labor dispute in American ports. CEO Sam Cervantes provided a detailed update to shipping times and customer service requests on the company blog Tuesday.

Kickstarter saw the fastest campaign to reach a million dollars Tuesday morning, with the latest Pebble smartwatch reaching that threshold in 33 minutes. The Awl has some fun with updates throughout the day with their post, “How To Measure Time with the New Pebble Time.”


The FCC will vote on its net neutrality proposal Thursday, a story we’ve been following. Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson went to Medium to offer his thoughts on how net neutrality made his life story possible. One commissioner is pushing back against the chairman.

The New Inquiry has updated its collection of student disorientation guides for college campuses. “Disorientation Guides” are booklets or sites made my student activist groups that tell a counter narrative about their campus, in contrast to the rosy “orientation guides” every new student receives.

Who’s getting buzz?

Brooklyn Fiber’s rather low-priced gigabit offering in Sunset Park is explained by less rigorous service level agreements in this story in Crain’s. Additionally, it addresses other ISPs with plans for Brooklyn, including Stealth Communications.

Youth culture media empire VICE, and its expansion in Williamsburg, is written as a story of gentrification forcing out indie music venues by the New York Times.

The 3,100 member strong Brooklyn Futurist Meetup, which has been going for a decade, got covered in The Brooklyn Paper.



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