Health site MindBodyGreen launches new video product [Startup Roundup] - Brooklyn


Jan. 29, 2015 8:17 am

Health site MindBodyGreen launches new video product [Startup Roundup]

Plus: Game critic Anita Sarkeesian is speaking at the NYU Game Center Feb. 5.

Inside MindBodyGreen's Dumbo offices.

(Photo courtesy of MindBodyGreen)

Who’s making moves?

Health content company MindBodyGreen announced its new video-based certification program, MBG Mastery on Monday. It’s a paid video course that certifies users as having studied a holistic program on living right. It costs $399. We spoke to the company’s founder, Jason Wachob, at the end of last year. He projected that video would become an increasingly important source of revenue for the company.

The Brooklyn Gamery announced Friday that a teaser page is now up for Prism Shell, a mobile game the studio has been working on for the last year or so. We got a preview at Indiecade East last year. In a way, it’s your basic laser-blaster kind of jam, but it does have a unique mechanic in terms of how you move around the field of play. Brooklyn Gamery says it’s coming soon to both Android and iOS.

This isn’t a startup but it’s a big deal and worth flagging: The NYU Game Center is bringing activist Anita Sarkeesian to speak — Feb. 5 at 7 p.m. Sarkeesian is one of the leading video game vloggers arguing that video games are, by and large, rather sexist, and she makes long, detailed, carefully researched videos to support her arguments. She’s also, famously, the vlogger who ran from her home to hide from #GamerGate trolls threatening IRL abuse. The event sold out in less than five hours. It should, however, also be broadcast live on the center’s Twitch channel. We’ll be there.


A flyer for the Anita Sarkeesian event. (Courtesy of NYU Game Center)

A flyer for the Anita Sarkeesian event. (Courtesy of NYU Game Center)

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