Send 'enkrypted' messages with Maddy Varner's 'Kardashian Krypt' - Brooklyn


Dec. 12, 2014 12:33 pm

Send ‘enkrypted’ messages with Maddy Varner’s ‘Kardashian Krypt’

Chrome extension as art.

Kim Kardashian, secret messsage not included.

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

We have a secret message for you. You’re going to need to download the Kardashian Krypt Chrome extension to read it, though.

Here, do it

Kardashian Krypt is a digital work created by Free Art and Technology Lab intern, Maddy Varner. Once you’ve added the extension to Chrome, you can write any message you want into the text box. Click “Enkrypt” and it will generate an image of Kim Kardashian. We got this one:

I contain a secret message. (Image generated by Kardashian Krypt)

I contain a secret message. (Image generated by Kardashian Krypt)

You can send that file to whomever you want. If they have the extension too, they can then upload it to the site and it will “Dekrypt” the secret message. (We’ll wait.)

Here’s Varner’s GitHub with how she did it.

We really did put one in the image above. It’s a way to preview a story we have coming out next week. So it’s not nothing.

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