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Oct. 14, 2014 7:04 am

MINY membership perk: meet with former News Corp exec [Startup Roundup]

Plus: a $300K funding round for menstrual health management in the developing world.

MINY Media Center's contest flyer.

(Image courtesy of MINY Media Center)

startup roundup

Who’s getting money?

Delvetica, Inc. raised $50,000 in a combined debt and equity round, according to an SEC filing. Delvetica’s product is Glossy.io, the curated, unbundled discovery site for premium magazine content, which we covered last month.

Be Girl, Inc., raised $300,000 on an offered $300,000 equity-only round, according to an SEC filing. The company makes a reusable sanitary napkin holder that can be outfitted with any available absorbent material, for use by girls in the developing world.


Who’s making moves?

Dumbo’s Made in NY Media Center is offering members who apply to join the coworking space by Oct. 17 a chance to win a face-to-face meeting with former AOL/Time Warner chairman Jon Miller.


Who’s getting buzz?

Bushwick’s Livestream has picked up a lot of coverage for enabling live broadcasts from a GoPro using the Livestream iOS app, including this post on CNET. It’s a hot pick for extreme sports or for Brooklyn cyclists who want to crowdsource the counting of cars parked in bike lanes.


Rapper Nas named Williamsburg’s Genius as one of his favorite products on Product Hunt, one of the few products on his list that you can really believe he uses. According to Valleywag, Nas is invested in two of the ten startups he shouted-out.

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