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Jun. 26, 2014 12:06 pm

Find all the CTOs in all your social networks in less than 5 minutes

Simplist aims to make online social networking easier to manage.
Simplist CEO, Ron J. Williams.

Simplist CEO, Ron J. Williams.

(Photo by Brady Dale)

Our social networks can be a bit of a muddle.

Are you strategic about when you add someone on LinkedIn versus Twitter? If you do have a rule about it, say, someone follows you on Twitter, are you organized enough to then add them on LinkedIn?

What about all the people who use Facebook for professional networking?

It’s tricky, right?

What if you wanted to find every CTO that you’ve ever connected with online? Across all your social networks. Could you do it? What if you are only connected to them on Twitter and their Twitter bio is just, “Workin’ hard? Hardly workin'”? You know that person is a CTO when you look at their profile, but do you want to go through every contact one by one?

Simplist claims to solve that problem.

The Manhattan-based company presented at the Brooklyn Tech Meetup on Tuesday at Huge. The CEO, Ron J. Williams gave the presentation. He described himself in his bio as a “Brooklyn born and raised data nerd.”

Users can add their LinkedIn, Gmail, Twitter and Facebook networks into Simplist. They can then do a search for a set of keywords or other criteria. That search will reveal all the people on your list who match.

The system is also good at sorting out which of the contacts are double- or triple-listed (so it won’t show you someone three times if they are on your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn). We asked the team how they did this. They said it was a little bit secret sauce, a little bit publicly-available info.

Most importantly, if you think someone you know might have a better network to help you find the person you need, you can send them a request to run the same list for you and forward you their leads. This makes it really easy for one of your contacts to help you find the investor, cofounder, staffer or board member you’re looking for (provided, of course, they are already members of Simplist).

The system may still be working some kinks out. This reporter added all of his networks and then ran one of the pre-defined criteria sets for “Tech Journalists.” The list found six contacts. We know more than six tech journalists. Among those it did not list:’s Editors-in-Chief or any of its cofounders.


Williams said that moving forward he hopes to add more networks, such as Github and AngelList.


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