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May 28, 2014 12:45 pm

Will Brooklyn’s Tech Triangle become MakerBot-Kickstarter-Livestream?

Is tech's neighborhood expanding? Makerbot, Kickstarter and, now, Livestream are three of the biggest companies here, and they all have prominent facilities located a long way outside of Dumbo and Downtown.
Kickstarter in the north, MakerBot in the south and Livestream to the east.

Kickstarter in the north, MakerBot in the south and Livestream to the east.

Screenshot from Google Maps.

Updated: An earlier version of this story did not clarify that though MakerBot has major facilities elsewhere in Brooklyn, its administrative headquarters are downtown.

Has the arrival of Livestream at 3rd Ward‘s old space in Bushwick defined a new technology triangle here? See our map here.

With another big, well recognized company coming to Brooklyn (see our coverage from yesterday) it feels like the footprint of the tech business community here is expanding. With Kickstarter in Greenpoint, MakerBot‘s major manufacturing facility in Sunset Park and Livestream now in Bushwick, it makes a broader triangle that really covers a much larger piece of the borough than previously defined.

Etsy‘s lease in Dumbo Heights locks down that area as the heart of the scene for good, but we may find that the received wisdom about tech’s “neighborhood” in Brooklyn changes quickly. Two out of three of these companies weren’t even in Brooklyn in 2013.

That’ll likely be a sign of success for the branded Tech Triangle initiative, a partnership between the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, the Dumbo Business Improvement District and the Brooklyn Navy Yard. It’s worth remembering that MakerBot has its administrative headquarters in MetroTech downtown.

Other tech and digital companies of respectable prominence with headquarters in Brooklyn, such as Rap Genius and Micro Center, are also pushing out the boundaries of the innovation economy’s footprint.


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