Brooklyn makers represent a 'newer vintage' of tech: Navy Yard exhibit - Brooklyn


May 20, 2014 8:45 am

Brooklyn makers represent a ‘newer vintage’ of tech: Navy Yard exhibit

New gallery exhibit at the Navy Yard explores the new era in making real stuff here.

Guests chat at opening night of "Making It In NYC," with a Solidoodle and DIWire on display in the foreground.

(Photo by Brady Dale)

Making it in NYC: The Era of New Manufacturing,” opened at the Brooklyn Navy Yard‘s Bldg 92 on Thursday. It’s a gallery show exhibiting many of the new products coming out of the manufacturers of Brooklyn. Everything from new clothes to military equipment to advanced dog toys.

To experience the exhibit, visit Bldg 92, Wednesday to Sunday, 12 pm to 6 pm.

David Ehrenberg, the Navy Yard’s Executive Director, gave Technically Brooklyn his opinion about why so many makers of innovative physical goods seem to be coming up in the borough.

“Perhaps because Brooklyn is a somewhat newer vintage technology community, that’s why it’s reflecting a new focus of the industry,” he said.

He explained that Seattle had launched the PC-based technology economy and Silicon Valley had made the web and app economy fly. Now that New York is coming up, it’s moving into a new space, and that’s hardware and other physical products.

Here’s some photos of parts of the exhibit from opening night. The display system was designed and built by SITU Studio:

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Brady Dale

Brady Dale is a tech reporter, comedian and storyteller. In July 2015 he joined the New York Observer. Brady was Brooklyn's lead reporter from August 2013 till June 2015. A native of Pittsburg, Kansas, he went to Cornell and worked as a progressive community organizer for over a decade before quitting his job to pursue writing.


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