Cowbird: a library of human experiences worldwide - Brooklyn

Cowbird: a library of human experiences worldwide

Design brings out a different experience for text in photos, in the changed landscape of digital media.

A photograph described in one of the Editorial Director's posts as found on the streets of Athens.


New ways of displaying images and stories make them feel different as you read them. It’s been interesting to see how new digital publications out of the borough use design to create different sensations for consumers.

One new venture along those lines is Cowbird. On its About page, the site says it’s aiming to build the first library of human experiences. We sort of thought that’s what every library was, but we get where they are coming from: the team hopes to create a space focused on timeless content. 

Engagement hasn’t been bad. When we checked, the site reported: 30,470 authors, 64,660 stories and 42,530 comments.

You can search for stories a number of ways. One of them is by place. Here are the top five most popular stories from the County of Kings:

Cowbird doesn’t take ads and is funded only by those who “become citizens,” by giving the site $5.


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