Watch this drone video of Baltimore's abandoned island - Baltimore


Jun. 2, 2017 12:29 pm

Watch this drone video of Baltimore’s abandoned island

Fly over Fort Carroll in this new vid from Daniel Regner.

Fort Carroll from above.

(Screenshot via Daniel Regner/Vimeo)

Near the Key Bridge, Fort Carroll is a fascinating piece of Baltimore history.

Now abandoned, the manmade island that was constructed in 1848 has some eye-catching architecture and a lighthouse. According to Baltimore Heritage, it also had a variety of uses as a storage spot and pistol range before being abandoned in 1920.

Since then, developers have had plans like a casino and conference center, but none came to fruition, the AP reported back in 2004.

A drone video posted this week on Vimeo by Daniel Regner captures the mysterious desolation of the island, and shows that it continues to be a home for birds.

And hey, the harbor views aren’t bad, either.



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