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Apr. 17, 2017 7:54 am

Big Huge Games’ Tim Train speaks at University of Baltimore this week

Train was involved in many key stages of Baltimore's storied video game history.

A scene from "DomiNations."

(Image courtesy of Big Huge Games)

Baltimore has a unique place in gaming history, starting with Sid Meier’s MicroProse Software.

That’s where Tim Train began his career, helping to develop the original Civilization. He went on to work on more of the studio’s top games, before becoming a founding member of the first iteration of Big Huge Games, which developed Rise of Nations. He was also general manager at Zynga East.

Train helped to resurrect Big Huge Games, which developed DomiNations. The mobile strategy game was a big hit, and Big Huge Games 2.0 was acquired by Nexon last year as the game scaled.

On Thursday night, April 20, Train will look to the future of the gaming industry in a talk at the University of Baltimore. There’s also a chance to ask him questions. Held on the fifth floor of the university’s student center, it’s free and open to anyone.

Stephen Babcock

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