Sinai Hospital is adding predictive analytics - Baltimore


Apr. 3, 2017 12:17 pm

Sinai Hospital is adding predictive analytics

The North Baltimore hospital has a new partnership with North Carolina-based PeraHealth.

Inside the Sinai Hospital Bioincubator.

(Courtesy photo)

Sinai Hopsital signed a new partnership with a North Carolina-based company that makes technology to monitor a patient’s condition.

Lifebridge Health, which runs the North Baltimore hospital, is set to introduce tools developed by PeraHealth this summer.

CEO Stephanie Alexander said the company makes a tool that takes information including data from vital signs, a nursing assessment and lab reports. The software is built around a tool known as the Rothman Index.

“The intention for us is to improve the safety in these hospitals,” she said, adding that it is the company’s first hospital in Maryland.

For doctors and nurses, it offers an assessment that’s presented in a 0-100 score, and changes in real-time as new data becomes available. Monitoring the health conditions can allow them to take action earlier on complications, Alexander said.

“We believe the concept of predictive analytics to alert clinicians to potential or likely complications, allowing for earlier intervention, will be a valuable resource for our health care providers and potentially a lifesaver for patients,” Jaime Barnes, chief of the division of critical care medicine at LifeBridge Health, said in a statement.

It could also have an impact on hospital operations. Lifebridge will also use the system to monitor across multiple departments, help identify when patients should be discharged and prioritize nursing assignments.



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