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Jan. 11, 2013 8:30 am

BetaPunch: a case study in social media // Make the Baltimore Sun a startup [Links]

Here are the biggest links in Baltimore tech this week

Why I Won’t Be Using BetaPunch for User Testing [Danielle Morrill’s blog]: “So, I won’t be using BetaPunch. They’re rude, don’t respect my privacy, and clearly don’t want me to be their customer anyway.”

Health Emergency Declared in Boston Over Flu Epidemic [Fast Company]: Nods to both Sickweather and the heatmap visualization put together with Sickweather data by Chris Whong showing the spread of flu over the U.S.

Baltimore Sun’s future? Dave Troy would blend paper into a new media venture [Baltimore Business Journal]: ” ‘My basic thinking is that you need to start thinking about the news business more like a startup,’ says Dave Troy.”

Betamore hiring a community manager [Baltimore Tech Jobs]: “[T]he Community Manager will work to expand membership, increase partnerships, manage events and collaborate with an Education Director to organize and publicize classes and workshops.”

O’Malley calls on colleges to use technology to boost graduation rates [Baltimore Sun]: “O’Malley urged educators to explore ‘new ways to use the Internet, online learning and course redesign’ to broaden access to higher education.”


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