Galley, Framebridge and UrbanStems all team up to take on Mother's Day -


Galley, Framebridge and UrbanStems all team up to take on Mother’s Day

“All the stars aligned” with this particular holiday, Galley CEO Alan Clifford said.
Galley, Framebridge and UrbanStems want you to do it big for Mother’s Day — the #DCTech way.

The three young startups have teamed up to offer a Mother’s Day package that includes food from Galley, a framed Instagram mini from Framebridge and a special edition bouquet from UrbanStems. All this can be delivered to your door on Mother’s day morning (May 8!) because, you know, on-demand.
It’s cool to see three startups that could be viewing their services as being in competition choosing to work together.
Galley CEO Alan Clifford told the partnership came about because the three companies “have always been very friendly.”
“We’re customers of theirs and they are customers of ours,” he said.
Beyond the pre-existing friendship, Clifford said he’s excited about the partnership because it’s something unusual for young, market-sharing companies. Ultimately he thinks the effort will be good not only for the customers and the companies, but for the broader D.C. tech scene as well. (And your mom.) He added that Galley, for one, would be interested in pursuing similar partnerships around other events and holidays and even with other partners in the future.
Life is good for these niche delivery startups at the moment — UrbanStems just announced a $6.8 million Series A, and Framebridge raised an additional $9 million in its Series A last week.

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