The Promise of the Northeast Corridor [ Podcast] -


Jun. 5, 2014 9:17 am

The Promise of the Northeast Corridor [ Podcast]

Nationwide we're seeing the growth of technology communities. Here in our corner of the U.S. Northeast, we think it's particularly strong. Reporters from Brooklyn, Philadelphia and Baltimore discuss what that means.

The U.S. Northeast, anchored by New York and Boston, with D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore and more supporting it, is one of the world’s densest and most innovative regions.

Last month’s podcast focused on the ‘Rise of the Rest,’ the idea that markets outside of Silicon Valley were maturing their tech community. This month, we’re narrowing in on how that looks in this part of the country.

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This month, we welcome new Baltimore lead reporter Tyler Waldman, as Andrew Zaleski, who has been with us for two years, moves on.



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