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May. 27, 2014 10:30 am

Drexel business incubator’s new chief is familiar: Chuck Sacco

Mobile entrepreneur Chuck Sacco has left the parent company that purchased one he was a part of to take on two new roles at Drexel. Another Philadelphian, Alina d'Aubermont, is taking over for Sacco at Allin Interactive Latin America, previously Movitas.

Allin Interactive Latin America builds mobile apps for hotels in Mexico and the Caribbean. Photo by Flickr user @nbcornwall.

Chuck Sacco has left his role as president of Allin Interactive Latin America, previously Movitas, for two roles at Drexel University. Since April, he’s been focused on developing the Baiada Institute, Drexel’s business incubator in a fancy new building, and the new entrepreneurship-focused Close School.

Movitas became AILA, which builds mobile apps for the hotel industry, after it was acquired by Florida-based Allin Interactive in the fall of 2013. Alina d’Aubermont, AILA’s former creative director, is now leading the company and its staff of two full-time and one part-time employees.

d’Aubermont, 35, is based in Passyunk Square and her staff is remote: they’re based in Manayunk, Pittsburgh and Northern New Jersey. She plans to remain in Philadelphia (she works out of Center City coworking space CultureWorks twice a week), she said, adding that parent company Allin Interactive is flexible about location. Though Allin is based in Florida, they work with consultants in other cities.

alina daubermont

Alina d’Aubermont is now running Allin Interactive Latin America.

AILA develops apps for hotels based in Mexico and the Caribbean. The apps let users send international texts and make international phone calls without roaming charges. See those apps for AM Resorts here. Some users weren’t pleased with their experience, as noted on the app reviews, but d’Aubermont said AILA is currently working on updates for all those apps.

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Meanwhile, Sacco is the interim director of the Baiada Institute, replacing former director Mark LoSchiavo, and also The Close School’s Entrepreneur in Residence and Director of External Relations.

Why was it the right move for Sacco? He said it’s about sharing his entrepreneurship experience with students.

He wrote in an email: “Working in the Drexel ecosystem is important to me given the history of PhindMe and then Movitas — having started PhindMe when I was doing my MBA at Drexel and having incubated in Baiada for two years.  Things have certainly come full circle. Allin has provided Movitas the ability to grow more quickly so I feel good about it being with them now.”

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