Aug. 6, 2014 9:30 am Podcast checks in with Wham City Lights

Listen to an interview with Wham City Lights cofounder Keith Lea, and learn what's going on in Brooklyn, Philadelphia and Cincinnati.

Electronic musician and Wham City Lights cofounder Dan Deacon performing in 2006.

(Photo by Flickr user Eric Lodwick, used under a Creative Commons license)

This month’s Podcast features a chat with Wham City Lights cofounder and CEO Keith Lea. Lea’s crowdsourced light-show startup was also cofounded by Baltimore musician Dan Deacon. Lea, a former Googler who says business and arts really aren’t that different, tells us about what’s next for Wham City, including, yes, an audio ray gun.

Also in this month’s podcast, editorial director Christopher Wink chats with Philly reporter Juliana Reyes and Brooklyn’s Brady Dale about the latest mashups in tech, art and design.

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Tyler Waldman

Tyler Waldman is a contributor for Baltimore. A Towson University graduate and former local editor for, Tyler has also written and photographed for publications including the Baltimore Brew, Howard County Times and Towson Times. He lives in Charles Village.

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