XOXO/Kickstarter party before Brooklyn Beta [Photos]

There were a lot of nametags out at Lavendar Lake last week for the XOXO + Kickstarter party in advance of Brooklyn Beta.

Lots of folks came out the night before Brooklyn Beta 2013 at XOXO and Kickstarter's invitation

Photo by Brady Dale

There were a lot of nametags out at Lavendar Lake last week for the XOXO + Kickstarter party in advance of Brooklyn Beta

Late into the night, attendees were playing a tag-like game with glowing wands out front, and the bar was filled with people from all over the country here to take part in this past weekend’s sprawling creative conference. Multiple people told us that they deeply regretted missing the previous Brooklyn Beta and were very excited to see it was so much bigger this year.

Here are just a few people whom Technically Brooklyn managed to meet. 

Thomas Creighton, a designer at Heist, XOXO + Kickstarter party

Thomas Creighton of Toronto’s Heist gave us the lay of the land at the night’s party. He’s also a podcast cohost.

Ashley Albert at Lavendar Lake, for XOXO + Kickstarter party

Ashley Albert is working to build community in Gowanus by seeking crowdfunding for The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club. They have met their goal with two weeks to go, but everyone loves a winning team, right? If you love your Twitter handle enough to wear it, she’ll make you a necklace.

One Trick Pony at XOXO + Kickstarter


Two members of the South Jersey digital agency One Trick Pony talked about what they were seeing in Brooklyn versus the tech scene in Philadelphia. Elijah Vargas (left) is a designer and John Blazek is a developer.

Hubspot designers at XOXO + Kickstarter

From left to right, Chase OliverDan Ritz and Nelson Joyce are three designers from Cambridge’s Hubspot. These guys were talking about the single-page website format you’re seeing more of lately. You know, the one where everything is all on one page and you scroll through the whole thing and it changes as you go. It’s called parallax scrolling. They said to be cautious about it, though. Users have gotten used to scrolling working one way. It’s dicey to mess with that.

Froont CEO at XOXO + Kickstarter

Originally from Latvia, the CEO and Designer at FroontSandijs Ruluks, told us that he came to Brooklyn Beta because he felt like he had a handle on the West Coast startup scene, but the East Coast is completely different. He wanted to see what it was like. His startup is meant to make it easier for designers to build responsive websites without coding.


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