Tablet games for kids should come with real toys too: Storied Myth

“Storied Myth believes it's very important to have a bridge between digital and physical storytelling,” cofounder Rubina Singh said at last week's Made in NY Media Center demo day.

Made In NY Media Center by IFP, Spring Demo Day, 2015

Twice a year, the Made in NY Media Center puts some of its incubator companies in front of a small group of venture investors. We're profiling three companies that stood out during last week's pitch event. This is the third of three stories.

Too much screen time for young kids is no good.
Children are drawn to tablet-based games, no doubt, but they also need to get lost in imaginative experiences through real stuff. Many of those imaginative experiences, Storied Myth cofounders Kabir Seth and Rubina Singh explained in their presentation, come in the form of stories. That’s why they want to give children ongoing narratives, featuring characters they come to feel kinship with, that yield imaginative connections.
“That’s why Storied Myth believes it’s very important to have a bridge between digital and physical storytelling,” said Singh.
A part of the Storied Myth model is a monthly shipment with each new instance of the story. The shipment will include some object that’s part of the story. The way the object fits in, however, is by use of augmented reality. The tablet the young person is reading the story on will ask them to interact with the object and it will recognize the object and see if they’ve done the right thing (which is usually, it sounds like, solving some sort of puzzle).

The team is looking for a seed round now, largely to market the product through Facebook and mommy bloggers.

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