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Snowden statue installed in Fort Greene Park, promptly removed

A bust of Edward Snowden in Fort Greene Park is meant to reignite conversation about what the former Booz Allen Hamilton consultant revealed in 2013.

The Snowden statue was long gone by 5:30 p.m. (Photo by Brady Dale)

Fort Greene Park was briefly home to a monument to Edward Snowden, according to Animal New York, which got to exclusively document the installation of the unauthorized monument. According to other reporters gathered at the site on Monday and sources on Twitter, the statue was covered with a tarp by 11 a.m. and removed by 2 p.m. No word on what’s happened to the actual sculpture.
If you’ve ever made your way to the top of the hill at the park, you’ve seen the enormous column that makes up much of the Prison Ship Martyrs’ Monument. The space memorializes soldiers and support staff in the Revolutionary War who were held on British prison ships and died of disease and overcrowding.
The artists behind the illicit monument believe that Snowden is a fitting addition to the space.
Despite the fact that it wasn’t in place long, in the YouTube video from Animal below, the artists make an interesting point: the internet makes their intervention permanent, even if it doesn’t last. Because it will be thoroughly documented online (hi!), it will never really disappear, they argue. Their goal is to reignite conversation about what the Snowden documents revealed.
Google News shows 767 stories about the statue since it went up yesterday, some in non-English languages.
Also, further down in the story, Animal reveals that even if this bust is taken down, others will probably appear. The artists have a 3D file of the bust, for example, that can be reproduced on 3D printers.

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