SMASHWORX new dungeon crawler [Crowdfunding]

SMASHWORX has a new game in the works that lets you be every hero you want to be.

Heroes switching for the player.

From the SMASHWORX Kickstarter campaign page.

New York doesn’t have a triple-A game making company yet. The question is: will one move here, or will it arise here? We’d like to bet on the latter.

SMASHWORX is a company that has built some impressive games, and one of its creators, Nikita Mikros, is half the team behind Killer Queen Arcade (which is a smash hit … with local game lovers, anyway).

Now, SMASHWORX is working on a new game concept, The Hero TrapIf this game reminds you of Gauntlet with less pixelated graphics, it should. It’s an unabashed love letter to that classic arcade game, where you kind of loved every character, but you had to pick.

With The Hero Trap, though, you don’t really have to pick. You can switch between them. What else could better fit our present bubble? Pick whatever identity you like for as long as you like. It’s any way you want!

Get a download of the game a $12 pledge

If for no other reason, click the link above to see how effectively they used moving GIFs in their Kickstarter campaign.

A $250 pledge gets you a hand drawn portrait of yourself as one of the game’s heroes.

Check out the video below. If it looks good to you, the team also needs votes on Steam Greenlight.

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