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Ringly will sneak peek its designs on Instragram probably [Startup Roundup]

Startups are going crazy with the sun coming out. There's a lot in this roundup.

Well, it’s Spring. There’s a lot going on, or so it seems with this, likely our largest Startup Roundup yet.

Who’s getting money?

Susty Party closed a $500K equity only round, according to this blog post. The seed round was led by Radicle Capital. The detail on the amount of equity sold comes from this video, which we also linked to in our story about the founders’ appearance on Shark Tank.

Sherpaa Health offered and closed a Series B $3.9M equity only round, according to an SEC filing. The company is no longer working from Brooklyn (they moved to Manhattan), but apparently that’s still how they report to the SEC.  We covered the former Dumbo company as one that might benefit from Obamacare.

Who’s making moves?

Greenpoint’s Christina Mercando sent out a newsletter for Ringly in which she said that the company’s first wearable designs will be released soon. The newsletter says that they are very likely to appear first on the company’s Instagram feed.

Ultravisual has released a major overhaul to its app, with lots of new features. We covered the video and photo sharing app’s initial release here. Make animated GIFs, added photos to videos, change the focal point and lots of new tools in the editor. We reported a while back on all the work they put into the way the new features look. Lots of new features are only good if they don’t completely confuse users, but the team did not enter into version 2.0 lightly. Get it.

EcoLogic Solutions appointed four new members to its board. Two executives from Happy Family, an organic foods company, and one from HonestTea, a sustainability oriented beverage maker, and one from the Sorenson Limited Partnership, a socially conscious venture fund. We covered the company’s disruptive cleaning system for commercial clients.

Carte Blanche is bringing crowdsourcing to fashion. You can see photos from the company’s Kickstarter launch party. They make versatile dresses that can be worn a number of ways, so a woman can pull a strap or tie a tie and shift from work to evening with the same article of clothing. Support the Kickstarter. As long as we’re talking about textiles, these guys are crowdfunding super high quality bed sheets, Brooklinen. See their (already successful but still going) Kickstarter campaign.

CommonBond hired Mike Brotzman as its lead developer. The company finances the graduate educations of the best students and ploughs some of its profit into supporting a child’s education in the developing world. It has a big vision.

Simply Grid will take part in the Challenge Cup in D.C. It’s one of 16 energy finalists in the competition. The Challenge Cup was a seven month process. Teams had to make their way through regional competitions to get this far. We covered the on-site power supply system here.

VHX introduced a system for staying in touch with your customers and followers.

Roadify has soft launched its transit app in the Google Play store. We wrote about their Android version here.

Who’s getting buzz?

Refresh, a local startup that mixes drinks on the spot (saving space by using the local water supply and only adding the other ingredients), was in the 2014 class at TechStars which got covered by BetaBoston.

After its half-billion-dollar evaluation, Blue Apron CEO Matt Salzburg gave an interview to Fortune Tech to discuss the meal distribution company’s success.

One of KISI‘s founders, Maximilian Schuetz, gets a Q&A in Next New Yorkers. We interviewed him at the NYU Poly Dumbo Incubator last year.

Kickstarter turned five and made a YouTube doc about itself. It’s fun.

Companies: Simply Grid / Susty Party / EcoLogic Solutions / Roadify / Kisi / Sherpaa / Ringly / VHX / Blue Apron / CommonBond / Kickstarter
Series: Brooklyn

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