Ringly hit its pre-order goal in 8 hours

The ring-slash-notification device hit its pre-order goal in less than a day, according to an email from Ringly's cofounder.

(Image courtesy of Ringly)

Ringly launched the pre-order for its wearable notification device with a goal of $60,000 in pre-orders to cover the cost of its initial production run. According to a mass email from cofounder Christina Mercando over the company’s email list, Ringly hit its goal in less than a day.

Mercando wrote:

We’re beyond excited to share Ringly with the world and are moved by the love we’ve received our first two weeks after launch. We hit our target sales goal in less than 8 hours! But, the best part by far is the overwhelmingly positive reaction from our community and fans.

One notable fact about this success: Ringly did it on its own site.

That means they didn’t have to give a cut to a crowdfunding platform. It also means they get to control the information about just how many pre-orders they’ve had and how big of an impact they’re having. Perhaps that’s an argument for leaving up a landing page with nothing but a mailing list sign-up form for months? Does that mean Selfie.com is going to have some kind of pre-order when it launches?

The Ringly pre-order is still up with a 25 percent discount over the eventual retail price.

Technical.y Philly recently wrote about a device that works similarly to Ringly, as a bracelet. The company, Beacon & Lively, is raising twice as much, on Kickstarter.

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