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Which programming workshop will you choose at the #DIW18 Dev Conference?

The workshops will cover two programming languages, Go and Greenfoot. But choose wisely, you can only pick one.

Ready to learn stuff? (Image by Technical.ly)

The Dev Conference is the centerpiece of Delaware Innovation Week, and the biggest Technical.ly-sponsored event in the state. This year, our DevCon will fall on Nov. 7.

It’s a full-day event taking place at Delaware Tech’s George Campus in downtown Wilmington that includes workshops, dev talks and exhibitors, capped off with a happy hour at Stitch House Brewery.

All that, and it’s free to attend.


This year’s workshops will cover two programming languages, Go and Greenfoot. Workshops are approximately 2.5 hours long, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., including a lunch break (yes, free lunch is included thanks to the #DIW18 Dev Track Sponsors: Innovation Technology Center, CSC, Christiana Care Health System).

Now for the hard part: You can only choose one. So, here are some details to help you decide, via the Dev Workshops DIW18 page:

Introduction to Go

Instructor: Kristofer Younger, Zip Code Wilmington

What is this course about? Go was designed and developed to make working in this environment more productive. Besides its better-known aspects such as built-in concurrency and garbage collection, Go’s design considerations include rigorous dependency management, the adaptability of software architecture as systems grow, and robustness across the boundaries between components. Get a quick intro to Go’s coolest features.


Instructor: Leon Hunter, Zip Code Wilmington

What is this course about? Greenfoot is an educational tool designed at the University of Kent with a built-in IDE and GUI (Graphical User Interface). An IDE is the text-editor that allows a person to write and run code. A GUI is a user interface that allows interactions through graphical icons and visual indicators rather than text-based user interfaces. This tool is targeted to anyone interested in a visual display of code as they are learning object-orientated programming.


Workshops end at 2:00 p.m., but there’s still more DevCon in the afternoon. Sign up separately for Dev Talks from 2:00–5:30 p.m., and Dev Happy Hour from 5:30–7:30. It’s broken up into bite-sized pieces so you can easily choose to do to one, two or all of the events!

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