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Foxonix hardware makes it easy to add sound to your projects [Crowdfunding]

Metre Ideas and Design is in its final hours of its Kickstarter campaign for a cool platform for putting sound on your projects: Foxonics.

From the Foxonics Kickstarter page

Metre Ideas and Design is in its final hours of a Kickstarter campaign for a cool platform for putting sound on your projects: Foxonics.

Foxonics is a simple board for storing both sound files and the computer programs that govern when to play the sound and what activates them. You could make a sculpture that threatens viewers when they look it in the eye or hack a teddy bear so that it says, “You’re my friend” when your nephew hugs it.

Reward levels:

  • $60 gets you enough to make one project with sound: a development board, a speaker, a battery pack and a project board (the thing that goes into your creation and runs the speaker)
  • $65 adds the interface board: in other words, buttons that allow you to play different sounds
  • $90 gets you an Arduino shield, which is still getting developed, and allows your Arduino to interface with the system.

All Foxonics systems will come with a code editor that’s preloaded with a bunch of basic programs for likely applications of the system. Developed by a veteran of the toy industry, William Sakran, this is a system designed from the start to make it easier to add fun to our creations.

Have you always wanted to set a demonic voice to threaten your teenager’s life and limb every time he sneaks into your secret ice cream supply? Get yourself a Foxonics system and that dream can be a reality.

[kickstarter url=http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/358568036/foxonix-embedded-sound-make-your-ideas-heard width=480]

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