NYC Resistor’s 8th annual Interactive Show is happening May 13

And there's an open call for the weirdest projects Brooklyn has to offer.

The "octoscroller" at NYC Resistor.

(Courtesy image)

One of the treats of the Brooklyn tech world is the annual interactive show at NYC Resistor, in Downtown Brooklyn, which will take place May 13 this year.

The show is a great place to see side projects and neat work by some of the most interesting people working in the borough. Here’s our writeup of some of the pieces from the 2014 show.

This will be the hackerspace’s eighth show, and the theme is The Running Man, the 1987 sci-fi thriller starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A promo image from the 1987 film. (Image via NYC Resistor)

A promo image from the 1987 film. (Image via NYC Resistor)

“The 80’s dystopian future sci-fi takes place in 2017 and has so many great campy elements,” according to the organizers. “Who can resist lo-fi graphics, spandex costumes, hexagonal decode systems, and a villain in LED studded armor? The projects practically create themselves! Elements from similar 80’s dystopia flicks like Max Headroom are also a great idea.”

NYC Resistor is still looking for more presenters, whose projects don’t necessarily have to do with the theme.

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