Notation Capital invests in retail sharing space Bulletin

The “WeWork for retail” startup is ready to mix up ecommerce.

Bulletin's Williamsburg store.

(Courtesy photo)

Have you noticed that, just as ecommerce has finally slain the dragon of brick-and-mortar stores, more and more digital retailers are opening up their own storefronts?

Well, the fine investors of Notation Capital certainly have, and it’s why they announced their investment yesterday in Bulletin, a startup that’s reimagining the physical store/ecommerce divide.

Bulletin is doing what so many coworking/coliving spaces are doing, but for retail.

“Bulletin takes a physical location and divides it into different sections of varying sizes — some of them are just a little bit of shelf space, some of them are much bigger,” according to a piece in TechCrunch. “Then each of those sections can be rented out by different businesses on a month-by-month basis.”

It’s an interesting model for sure, one that got the young company a place in Y Combinator, and a pre-seed investment by Notation Capital.

“In opening up a new distribution channel that was previously prohibitively complicated and expensive, we believe Bulletin has the opportunity to transform the way designers, makers, and sellers of all shapes and sizes sell IRL and reach their customers,” the investors wrote in a post on Medium.

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