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NewCo tour to offer peeks inside Brooklyn tech companies

If the sessions weren't all at the same time, this would be an epic Brooklyn startup crawl.

From one of the times we visited BioLite, which is hosting a NewCo event next month. (Photo by Brady Dale)

Local tech companies are having open houses and sharing talks on important innovation-related topics, courtesy of NewCo, which describes itself as “a mashup of an open studio tour and a business conference, with the vibe of a music festival.”
The events take place inside the offices of companies and organizations with a vision for change. NewCo is hosting these festivals in 12 cities (including Amsterdam and Istanbul) between now and November.
The Brooklyn locations are all piled up on top of each other on the morning of May 13. Here are the places you could check out here, with some additional context from our coverage.

See all the NewCo events across NYC on May 13-14.

Attending one session per day is free. Going to as many as you want costs $50 for a Silver Pass. If you want get into either the Gimlet Media or Atavist sessions, you’ll have to buy that plus a “Diamond Override” pass for each of those sold-out events (so $100 for one, or $150 for both).
Media may not make much money, but it still has all the fans.

Companies: Carto / Gimlet Media / Red Antler / Atavist / BioLite / Made in NY Media Center / VHX / Maker’s Row
Series: Brooklyn

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