A new cryptocurrency with programming built in [Startup Roundup]

Lots of early-stage financial rounds in this week's Startup Roundup.

Who’s getting money?

Veritaseum, Inc. secured $201,000 in an equity-only seed round, according to an SEC filing. The company is owned by Reggie Middleton, who has created something called Ultra Coin, a programmable form of money, where money itself is the contract.

Collectivelyer, Inc. raised $954,994 on an offered $1,753,885 equity only round, according to an SEC filing. The filing lists them under that name but on LinkedIn and on the web the company is called Collectively. The company appears to create group chat for professionals nearby each other, based on LinkedIn, though it’s still in beta mode and you have to apply for access. The filing lists three cofounders, with experience at companies like Huge, OkCupid and Motorola, and places the company in Dumbo.

White Ops, the white hat security company that was founded in Dumbo’s sci-fi bookstore, raised $11,093,068 on an offered $13,093,068 equity round, according to an SEC filing. Cofounder Ash Kalb confirmed via email that Dumbo is still their official address, but most of the work in New York City takes place in an office in the Flatiron District now, as the team has grown considerably. The website also lists offices in San Francisco and British Columbia. The company claims to be able to help sites quit paying for phony ad clicks on phony sites by phony users.


Who’s getting buzz?

Aereo made it to the Supreme Court, where it lost. Now it’s trying to argue to Congress to change the rules so startups like it can function. The company was never very clear with us about how much of their operation was in Brooklyn, but we know at least that it had an antennae facility here, though much of the real operations appear to exist out of Queens.


Who’s making moves?

Nick Chirls may be opening a bar. He used to lead seed investments at Betaworks and at our event at the Dumbo Startup Lab he said he was going to start a new company within Betaworks. We now know that to have been Alphaworks, a microinvesting company that’s waiting on regulators. If he is starting a bar, we’ve heard there’s a pretty good space in Dumbo that’s available.

Companies: White Ops / Aereo
Series: Brooklyn

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