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Meet the group that’s hacking museums at Tuesday’s Brooklyn Tech Meetup

Museums are fertile ground for innovation. Let the engaging Museum Hack squad explain.

The Museum Hack team. (Courtesy photo)

A common problem is that museums have so much cool stuff in them and yet are somehow still boring. Well, one group wants to change that.
It’s called Museum Hack, and the group gives personalized tours of the major New York museums. The outfit’s tour guides are more engaged and more colloquial than your normal guide, Museum Hack says, and people, particularly young people, become more engaged.
Museum Hack is the featured speaker for this month’s Brooklyn Tech Meetup, which will be held Tuesday night at WeWork Dumbo.
“We’ve all experienced the trials and tribulations of deciding between the grand new museum expo everyone is talking about or going to the world’s grandest doughnut shop while traveling,” the invite reads. “Museum Hack adds another element to the museum  experience by engaging those like myself who may otherwise be tempted by the more seemingly entertaining—or sugary—attractions.”

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