Mozilla’s Aurelia Moser has some highkey work hacks

Take command of your productivity.

(Photo by Flickr user Marcie Casas, used under a Creative Commons license)

A colleague here at sent a Slack message yesterday saying that he was struggling with productivity late in the day and wondering if anyone had any suggestions. The consensus response: Pizza. Large. No napkins. Hard to argue with that, but enter Aurelia Moser, of the Mozilla Foundation, who this week tapped out an epic guide to productivity hacks at work. If the pizza fails — quite a big if, to be sure — try some of these.

“A big part of productivity for me is sustained motivation,” Moser writes in her piece, Productivity Hacks for Keeping On-track. “I use Reporter to track activities, things I’m proud of, how many coffees I’ve had, how much sleep I have(n’t) had…it packages these data in a nice little suite of visualizations that I use to remind myself why I’m working so hard and what might affect that work.”

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Moser, who works at the Mozilla Foundation, is also a visiting professor at the School of Visual Arts, teaching programming and data visualization, as well as the NYC chapter lead for the coding nonprofit Girl Develop It. With all that going on, she’s had to figure out how to fit a lot into her time.

I have a repository where I log every activity…no joke, every thing I do that takes more than 5-min of my day qualifies as an entry in my daily worklog, which is basically a bullet list of things I did beneath a date, primarily professional activities. This fulfills both the personal log, and the “proof” log to coworkers, I have a persistent record of everything I did during the day in a public repo that they can question, add issues to, and query for my activity.

If you liked that, there’s plenty more where it came from.


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