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Mouth Foods: online ‘indie’ food dealer wants 20% revenue from NYC storefront

Mouth Foods to open New York storefront while continuing to push out online sales. It's part of an 80/20 strategy, earning most of its revenue offline but growing what it makes in person.

Screenshot from the Mouth Website, of its new products, Sept 11, 2013

While big retail brands are growing their ecommerce strategies, online ‘indie dealer Mouth Foods is aiming to earn as much as 20 percent of its revenue from a storefront.

The goal is for more balance, to supplement its existing web strategy, and comes from one of the investors in the $1.5 funding round they just closed, which they had been working on over the summer.

The ecommmerce site that curates and artfully photographs interesting handmade foods has a New York storefront selected, but it’s not open yet. All this is revealed in a Wall Street Journal article about that new equity round, which we covered in Startup Roundup:

The Mouth team scours the country for the best food makers and products, buying select tasty treats in bulk, then photographing, warehousing, marketing, packaging and shipping them directly to customers. “We’re not Etsy. We’re not a magazine. And we’re not an open marketplace. But we curate very seriously, and think our customers benefit from our attention to every detail of the experience,” the CEO said.

The site typically features 700 products at a time, and today about 10% of these are sold exclusively online via Mouth.com, Mr. Kanarick said. His company also has a small brick-and-mortar store in New York, which isn’t yet open to the public but has secured a liquor license.




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